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Have you rented a house
or flat from a private landlord?

Was your tenancy deposit protected?


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Your tenancy deposit may be the last thing you are going to think about at Christmas, however if it's your turn to host the family get together, it should be at least at the back of your mind!

The top reasons why tenants don't get their tenancy deposit back are because...

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Tenant Fees Bill will not put an end to hidden costs image

New laws currently going through parliament will seek to cap or ban the numerous upfront costs often required to secure a property from a private landlord, but campaigners believe that this will only address part of the problem.

England’s 11.5 million private renters have been expected...

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The Renting Divide image

The average cost of renting a one bedroom home in the UK is £600. But that’s an average. The true costs per region show a massive variation in rents and value for money.

As we all know, London is the most expensive place to buy and rent property however, within London itself there...

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Tenants given increased powers to fight rogue landlords image

An investigation by The Guardian newspaper and ITV has uncovered how rogue landlords are continuing to collect rent from tenants despite prosecutions for housing offences and the failure to pass the so called “fit and proper” person test.

It was also revealed that...

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Secrecy and confusion surrounds governments rogue landlord database  image

Rogue landlords are a problem for both renters and local councils, so when the government proposed creating a database on which all known offenders would be listed, the idea was widely applauded.

However, it’s now six months since the scheme was launched and there isn’t...

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Do you want a longer rental agreement? image

The Government has issued a consultation paper in relation to proposals to force landlords to give tenants 3 year minimum rental agreements.

Around 80% of tenants sign a 6 or 12 month rental contracts with landlords. The proposal is to extend this to 3 years but to allow tenants...

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