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Tenants in shared homes face possible rent increase image

A change has been made to government rules regarding tenants living in shared homes, which has given rise to concerns about possible rent increases which will leave many tenants struggling to pay.

The government have stated that the new rules would raise housing...

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The end of tenancy deposits image

With next year’s ban on tenancy deposits about to come into effect, property management business Rushbrook & Rathbone have become one of the first to offer an alternative that may end up suiting both landlords and...

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Tenancy deposit scheme is

A recent report from consumer association company Which?, suggests that the current system for storing tenancy deposits is not fit for purpose and is pushing more and more people into debt.

The report highlights the fact that around 1 in 6 tenants have...

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Labour seeks change in law to reduce maximum tenancy deposit fees image

Government proposals currently before Parliament will limit the maximum tenancy deposit amount that landlords are allowed to charge incoming tenants, to the equivalent of six weeks’ rent. This works out on average to be around £1,150 in England.


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Tenants lose £80m per year to Deposit Scheme system image

It has been estimated that up to £80 million a year in interest is being generated from the tenancy deposits paid in England and wales. Of course, not a single penny of this money is going to the owners - the tenants!

These findings are the result of...

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Agent stole tenants rental deposits image

Tenants living in properties in the Worcester areas between 2013 and 2015 had their rental deposits stolen by estate agent Simon Cawley, who was at the time working as a director for...

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